Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Big Waters and Prestwick Carr

Tuesday and off to Big Waters.  Straight into the first hide and Alan J was already there with 9 White Faced Geese in front of the hide along with approx 90 Greylag.  After 30mins all 9 of them took to the air and headed North but landed after going about 3 fields.

Also on the pond was a Med Gull, only the 2nd one I had seen this year at Big Waters.

We were joined by Maureen and her son then went to the main hide where Brian B was trying to spot one of the elusive Otters.  Ian D joined us also.  After 45 mins of banter the number of adult Mute Swans on the lake was universally decided as 21 after many recounts.   We left the hide as I was going to head to St Marys when Alans phone went, it was Alan F in the hide letting me know I had left my small digital camera in the hide so had to go back.  Thanks guys and in appreciation for contacting me, the following pic which was left on the phone, from them, is published so the rest of the blogging community can appreciate what a couple of good looking guys they are.

After collecting the camera I changed my mind and headed towards Prestwick Carr to see the Owls and possibly the Shrike.  I also bumped into Maria and Sherpa TensingPeter and several others.  I reckon if you visit Prestwick for 5 Days you will probably meet 98% of birders in the North East as its been one of the best shows in town for a couple of months now and you cant go just once (for the tick).  Great views of the Owls and Shrike were had but all I could manage for posterity was a SEO atop a tree, but who cares cos for 90mins it was absolutely absorbing as usual.

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