Sunday, 1 January 2012

The Last Post (of the year - so you will all have to suffer next year)

Happy New Year to everyone, its 07.00 and I'm itching to get out there but the beloved is sitting in bed with a big cuppa and a toasted teacake humming and haahing as whether she will join me or not.  Whilst I'm waiting I have just read John's Blog about his 2 highlights of the year and bugger me if I wasn't with him for both.  His fast lane comments struck a chord also as at 00.40 when the phone rang and it was one of the daughters ringing to say Happy New Year I replied in not quite the same vein of exuberance then passed the phone to Carole rolled over and had a sip of my Lemonade then went back to sleep.

This was my first real year of keeping full information of what I have seen and here are the results of the "Howdon Jury"

Patch (Big Waters) the most important - 112 (but I dipped on the most important - Great Grey Shrike)

Northumberland (including Newcastle and the Tyne) - 197

Great Britain - 222

All Time List - 258 (only since 14 Aug 2009 although I was birding earlier)

Haven't had time to do a blog the last few days, its the fast lane life I lead, so here is a couple of pretty (except one of them) pics taken since 27 Dec.

One of 3 birds that I managed to take pics of with Colour Rings on in the last few days (this is the worst one but it was great to get it flying and see the rings)

One of my favourite birds, the Sanderling, performing their aerobatic lightning fast desplays

Take heed of the sign.  Was driving up Arcot Lane when this Harris Hawk flew down the lane towards the car then veered off at the last moment and I shot this through the window.  I then got out the car and was within 6ft of it when a chap appeared and said it was his.

Back to St Marys very early, no people or dogs, just the odd wierdo with cameras taking pics of inanimate objects (lighthouses) with big pieces of plastic across in front of their lenses (puzzling)

Once again the Sanderlings at rest but all with an eye open watching the idiot with the camera

3 of the 9 White Fronts at Big Waters

And the Final shot of the year was taken by Alan J as he held one of my cameras whilst I did the lying down in the dirt to see through the hedge to take the above picture.  Didn't know he had done this till I got home.  Was going to increase the size of the pic to XL but then again I think I don't have to bother

Once again Happy New Year to everyone with particular felicitations to

Alan J 
Ian D
Alan F
Keith B and C
Paul M
Peter PCW
John A
Jack B
Maria and Sherpa Tensing
John B (Camo Man)
Nick A
Tim S
Nigel T
Willy C
Graeme B 
George from Shibdon

If I have missed anybody out I apologise, blame the wife as she has just asked for another cuppa and I am just here to obey
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