Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Desert Wheatear

Monday took an early trip to Newbiggin, was the first there apart from the Father and Son collecting the Coal Dust off the tide line with the Desert Wheatear just wandering around the tractor and trailer.  I wandered round the beach and it seemed to follow me rather than the normal way round.  Had a bit of seed in my pocket so put some down and was suprised to see it come up and take a couple of bits although it did return quite quickly to looking for insects.  After about 90mins, there was about 10 people there then, I decided to leave and headed down the beach but the Wheatear then flew ahead of me and stopped about every 10m to allow me to take a couple of pics then would set off again.  This went on for about 2-300m with all the rest of the birders trailing along also.  So have added my pics to the zillions that are out there now of this particular bird.  Also visited Woodhorn, Cresswell, back to Woodhorn and inevitably to Big Waters then to Prestwick Carr finishing the day by picking up the beloved and heading off for our last meal of the holidays before returning to work on Tuesday (I Couldn't Wait)

Slightly blurred but shows off the tail well

This one looks like a furry ball in the early morning sun
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