Thursday, 16 February 2012

Amorous Affiliations At Amble

Not being one to deprive my adoring public of Bird Photos par excellence, I asked Maria and Keith if I could use some of theirs, they said they would love to as my readership is massive compared to their normal small circulation place of publication which they have been sucked into a water tight contract with, the odd reader might have heard of them, FLICKR, so I will have to use mine again, SORRY.

Here is a few that were taken last weekend, as so far this week my birding has been restricted to 20mins on the Fish Quay yesterday afternoon with the beloved where a Juvenile Iceland Gull sped past a couple of times before we went in for a quick special at Sambuca 2.  (Wonder if I can get a bung of them as I have mentioned the place a few times now, maybe I could start a new blog "Ice Cream Vendors and Restaurants I have Visited Whilst Birding")

There is a Jack Snipe in there if you look carefully

I wish my hair was as long as his

God, aren't birds ignorant - Hoy, I'm taking a pic of you turn round

After looking at all the pics of the Waxwings in the garden 
(taken by another member of the Family) and wondering 
why they were drinking the water, if you can call it
water, from there

I realised why as this was happening at the same time

Yet another crap pic of the Peregrine at Big Waters but its my Patch

An even crappier picture of a Slavonian Grebe not on my Patch

I think this is my first ever pic of a flying Eider

Across the harbour at Amble a Billy No Mates Bar-tailed Godwit
wandered around

Finally just to please a certain reader of this blog a bit of the other

Get your coat Luv, you've pulled

Are you sure your on a healthy fish diet, you feel a bit heavier.
Probably those exquisite chips from Harbour Chipshop in Amble
(Another good marketing opportunity wasted)


I don't, I feel blurry and fuzzy or maybe its just the

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