Monday, 20 February 2012

Quiet Saturday

Saturday morning and didn't really get moving as I had a few home chores to do and depleted stocks 
of seed meant me going to Laverock to buy food for the Garden Birds, thats if you can include Herring 
and Lesser Black Back Gulls although to be honest they dont touch the seed but certainly demolish the remnants of the household food put out by Carole and the neighbours.  I also stopped off at the 
stubble field near Blyth to look for the Snow Buntings but despite being there for an hour 
watching intently I didn't see LBBs or LWBs at all.  I wouldnt have stayed so long but a
 late breakfast/early dinner of a super portion of Fish and Chips kept me satisfied whilst scanning
for Birds.  I had to get a couple of things in The Toon also so by 13.30 I somehow ended up at Shibdon
for 30mins.   Plenty of Lapwing, Teal, and the normal suspects although on the far side of the
pond I did count 47 Snipe tucked into the base of the reeds.  Of to Gosforth where I spent 45mins
in the Feeding Station Hide which whilst not full had a few coming and goings, notably the illustrious
Terry C with his Front Turrent Gun salvaged from the Bismark (Paul M has the other one).
It was absolutely full of birds with the most prolific being the Blue Tit.  I concentrated on trying to
get a few shots of the Goldfinch  with a bit of movement but the most movement was in my hands
whilst trying to keep the camera steady.

This pic of a Goldfinch just studying the feeders awaiting his chance
to leap onto one was my favourite of the day.

Off to the lake where it was extremely windy and was suprised to
find at least 9 Shoveller although there could have possibly been 
a few more but they were at a bit of a distance with only 1 or 2
venturing close enough for a happy snap.

A Bittern did a bit of a fly past but the odd shots that were got off
amounted to nothing more that a shape with a good amount of blur.
I then headed back to the Feeding Station where I was able to get
a couple of decentish shots of a Treecreeper and a small video.

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