Monday, 19 March 2012

Big Waters Then SEO Watching

Saturday and a quiet day at Big Waters in the morning and a trip to Prestwick Carrs in the afternoon.  At Big Waters the numbers were down slightly with the exception of the Whooper Swans that were now up to 5.  9 Pochard were also around and apart from that there was only the normal suspects.  I decided to have a look at the Dipping Pond which had been attracting a few visitors who I suspect had seen Alan Js pic on the Northumberland Wildlife Trusts Facebook Page.  No frogs were there but plenty of Toads popped up now and then and were visible a bit further down.  I did see 2 Newts but knowing absolutely nothing about them took some advice from someone else but when we returned there we only caught a small glimpse of one so will have a look next time I am there.

Toad and plenty of Frog Spawn

Hi, My Name is Toady, Whats Yours

The One on the Left looks as though it is Smiling to me

Two of only Six Mallards reguarly on the Pond

This Whooper stands in this position a lot of the time, dosent feed much, dosent
mix with the others, either its not too well or its just a Billy No Mates

Up to Prestwick Carrs where the Great Grey Shrike was viewed well through
the scope to the woods east of the sentry box.  Then down to the bumpy road to
play that great game, Take 300 Pics of the SEOs and see which ONE you want to
keep to go with the other 5,000 you already have

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