Saturday, 24 March 2012

What A Wage Slave Does In Their Spare Time

Once again have had a busy week at work so here is a few pics I managed to get during the week in the odd hours I wasn't being a wage slave

Not quite sure what this is but it certainly attracted my attention on an early morning wander at Arcot

An absolutely awful bloody picture but it was a very quick shot of
a Small Tortoiseshell, my first Butterfly of the Year, at Big Waters
last Sunday morning

Sunset over Big Waters last Monday Evening WOW

Tuesday Morning down at the Quayside Newcastle.  The Kittiwakes have started arriving
back but if you look closely a wire mesh contraption has been placed over the front
of a few buildings where they used to nest

You can see the mesh better in this picture and they have renewed all the
spikes on the roofs also

Now........ where can I build my little love nest for the next few months

On Wednesday morning my favourite Muscovy and its partner arrived back at its spot on the Tyne
where it was for a couple of weeks then disappeared for a week.  I think there are at least four
people dropping titbits for them and thats just in the morning.  

There are a huge amount of Redshanks still showing on the Tyne

One from the wife, her favourite bird in the garden.

The North Scrape at Big Waters finally carved out, although it will still need attention for
a few months yet.  Big thanks to Alans J and F and Craig B for the final effort on Monday

Friday night at Big Waters, my first of the year, heard a couple during the week,
but don't count them until I see them

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