Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A Relaxing Weekend

Wasn't very mobile at the weekend but did get around to a couple of places, mainly Big Waters though but did pop in to Prestwick Carrs and Gosforth.  Early Saturday morning I went to Prestwick Carrs to see if my old friend the Tawny Owl was viewable.  He certainly was but all I could see was a grey blob as the mist/fog was bloody awful.  On to Big Waters where it still was short viewing distance only as well.  Some nice Primroses showing well

and some glorious Blackthorn flowers

Then when the some came out 3 or 4 Small Tortoiseshell, still too quick for the camera but did get a Peacock landing for a couple of seconds so a quick couple of shots

Just outside the main hide a couple of Chiffchaff calling and showing well.  I did have 4 sightings 

A mid afternoon visit to Gosforth Park to sit in the Feeding Station Hide and 
finish of my Maccydees Latte watching the Nuthatches, Treecreepers, dozens of Tits
and this great looking Woodpecker

Next morning a drop into Big Waters again and a bit of Hanky Panky going on here.
I dont know what the legal age is for Mute Swans but this one on the left looks a
bit too young for what the one on the right is thinking about surely.

Still 4 Whoopers drifting about, although I think this is the first time
I have seen them awake all at the same time

Off up the road and at last decent light to see the Tawny

Short Eared Owl getting some grief from several Crows and some very personal
attention from this particular one.

Great weekend, decent weather, but it does make you kind of lazy, couldn't be bothered
to go anywhere, just meander round, a bit of chat and a sit in the car listening to the football
watching the SEOs.  If Carlsberg made lazy weekends this could have been one of them
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