Thursday, 1 March 2012

Ross's Goose

30mins after leaving Big Waters (see previous post) and stomach full I decided to head for East Chevington, I had never seen a Ross's Goose so thought this might be a good opportunity.  On arrival it was quite obvious but a fair distance away.  After a few minutes it and about 2002 Pinkfeet (rough guess) took off and flew around then landed on the East Pool, down to the Observation point and up they went again, they landed near the path to Druridge so off I went again and ended up a bit closer next to the big gate.  Didn't want to get any closer in case I put them up and wasn't looking forward to another walk as it was now 16.00hrs.  I needn't have worried about them as 2 Joggers, then 2 cyclists came past.  I stood and watch for a while and a pair of Stonechats and a Reed Bunting were within a few feet of me as they were on and off the fence and in the compost heap.

Its right in the centre for those who have white colour blindness

Make Sure the Sound Is Low (the wind is awful)

I dropped into the North Pool where there was only 1 Birder still around.  We managed to see 2 Bewick Swans and 5 Whoopers although the light was terribly bad by now.  So with the light fading fast I faded slowly back to Howdon

Forgot I had taken a small video of the Bean Geese at Big Waters so here you are:

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