Sunday, 4 March 2012

Brambling At Last

Just a quick Newsflash

Got the Brambling I've been looking for at last, the bad news is that it wasn't at Big Waters, but at least it was in Northumberland, so off to Big W now to look for one (again).

Here's a video taken from my 56 registered mobile hide.  I put it in position so that John A could get a decent pic from his window then had to hang out of mine and shoot into the sun to get the following vid (I'm just so kindhearted)

The pair then flew off and apart from a few brief glimpses over the next 90mins they did not return.  The owner of the house came out to chat but said they had never seen them there before.  As seems to be the
custom now I am supressing the exact location so as not to upset the residents of this nice peaceful and
tranquil place, whats that you said John, I shouldn't drive through those Red Flags, yes that is a 105mm
Howitzer flash, you normally see it before you hear the bang, no I didnt bring earplugs.

Heres a couple of shots from Prestwick Carrs taken on Friday when I got an early finish
and after a Toby Carvery (god was I stuffed - great value, specially if you get the 2 for £10 voucher)
we popped up to the Carrs for an hour.At the Carvery we sat  next to The Drifters (Birders who 
are under 40 have probably  never heard of these) who had been performing at the Sage and 
were off to Middlesborough (poor sods) for their next gig.

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