Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Early morning in the Hall Household and as I pop off to work all seems well
apart from the unusual amount of Magpies on the "Garden Tree" there were
at least 9 but by the time Carole had got her camera working and was aiming
it without the use of her all seeing Varifocals she only managed to capture 6
of them..

When I take the car of the hard standing and head for work is the time
for the garden to come to life, especially the House Sparrows who sit and
wait for Carole to come out and refill the feeders at about 11ish each day.

But 2 Gardens along Carole has spotted a figure in the trees but
it doesn't seem as though the residents of the garden have.  Must have
got her Varifocals on by now

Then it drops down to the garden next door staying close to the 
ground but alarm calls reverberate round the garden and its "offski"
for all inhabitants.

The  Sparrowhawk then settles itself in its preferred observation
point in the Garden.  Now I don't mind them being there as it usually
means the hunt is unsuccessful but as they hang out just across the road I think
that we are the first port of call on their well established route looking for 
food so maybe they haven't quite got into the swing of things early morning.

Now wheres the rest of the family, haven't spotted Mammy for a while.

p.s. Thanks for the pics Carole
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