Saturday, 14 April 2012

Last Week in Glorious Colour (Sort Of)

Had a decent time out and about this week as I only managed to fit in 3 days at work.  So heres a few Highlights pictures that were printable and a couple that aren't but you are getting the option to not bother see them if you wish and a small Video at the end

One and a half Ruffs at Shibdon

Couple of Snipe at Shibdon also

I just love photographing Redshank at Whitley Bay and always take 
more pictures of them than anything else although I am still waiting
for that really good one

Kestrel at Big Waters on Monday

On Friday I went for a trip up the coast with Alan Foster and we had 
a pretty good day despite the nithering wind.  For those that don't know
Alan, here's a pic of him from his good side

We had a Short Eared Owl sitting on a tree just past the gypsy encampment 
before Cresswell which took to the air and then was promptly harassed by a Crow

Then onto Druridge where the SEO underneath was the first bird we 
encountered then when it took off another one joined in the hunting

We also spotted at least 3 Hares between the Budge and the South Facing Hide

A pair of Pintails which despite many pics never managed to get them
with their heads up together.

At Hauxley there was quite a lot around but nothing out of
the normal although we did spot this Greylag with a Neck Tag
which I forgot to write down, but I am sure Alan has it and will
text it to me so I can find out about it.  Also had our first Orange
Tip of the year in the sunny warm spot near the screen over the bridge.

At East Chevington my first Sandwich Tern of the Year
Its Sixth from the left (honest guv)

The bog standard shot of a Meadow Pipit on barbed wire
Its always appealing and I defy anyone with a camera
to tell me they dont bother.

Finally a pair of Stonechat but couldn't get them to perch 
together long enough for a picture

Finally a short video of a Marsh Harrier in Slowish Motion
Remember to watch in UTube and change the quality to its highest

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