Saturday, 7 April 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

Its Busy Busy in the Garden at the moment.

This young lady is obviously a trendy young thing and is into the
female pink thing

The next ones are obviously sticking with traditional build materials of 
dirty claggy stuff that sticks well together

Carole asked why don't the Daddy Blackbirds help with the building, I replied
"Did you let me pick the Wallpaper and furniture and arrange the room",
"Yes, I understand" she said

The House Sparrows below are getting through a lot of Cotton Wool which
my beloved has put out for them along with a few bits of Sheeps Wool which
I collected from Upper Teesdale

Then after a hard days Nest Building a long cool soak in the bath

Then a bit of shaking and shimmying 

This is a substituted pic of the normal bathing session after a hard days
work as once again I managed without any difficulty at all to delete
the pics which my beloved had spent many seconds tiring her right index
finger out to take (sorry Luv)

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