Friday, 6 April 2012

Thursday in Durham (Mostly)

Thursday and a late start (09.00) with Johnny A, straight to Lamesley to try and catch sight of the Stork, dosen't count as a tick, just that I hadn't seen one and still haven't but did get my first Swallow of the year.  Also bumped into the legend that is K9FRY and his master who told us that it hadn't been seen today which was confirmed by a chap who said he had been there since 07.30 (it was now 11.30).  We then had a swift visit to Shibdon where there was a lot of water but nothing out of the ordinary so back into the car and up to Clara Vale where we only intended stopping for 30 mins or so but ended up there for a couple of hours.  We bumped into Stu from Prudhoe and had a good crack spoilt only by some loon who was obviously well in control of her dog which wandered right into the Feeding Station which took a lot of shouting, by her, to get it out.

Anyway the birds we did get glimpses of but no pics were a Sparrowhawk which charged through twice clearing the station for 5-10mins each time.  A brief flash of a Jay and a Male Blackcap which was hidden deep in the bushes and a wren which was quite noisy but we only caught glimpses of.  Some of the wildlife we saw and photographed are as follows:

The inevitable Grey Squirrel came in and literally wrapped itself round
one of the Nut Feeders for nearly an hour

This Kingfisher was in view for over 30mins and caught 3 fish, battering them on 
a branch but all this action took place over the main pond which is good 25m away

There were about 8 or 9 Yellowhammers around but the light was just
too bright for them to be photographed properly so waited till they
got in a bit of shade

Moorhen (minus Head), just liked the pic

At least 2 Female and 3 Male Bullfinches

We then left there and dropped in somewhere to see a couple of 
Short Eared Owls on the way home

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