Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Foxes at Big Waters

A trip to Big Waters on Tuesday Morning didn't produce anything new apart from 2 Little Grebes which were quite mobile around the pond.  A 90min stint at the area where the Lesser Whitethroat had been seen failed to produce a patch tick but it was pleasantly interrupted off and on by 3 Deer in the far distance which obviously hadn't seen me or more than likely had but decided the only harm that I would pose would be to the next bloody dog/dog owner that wandered up and decided to lick/push/jump up/run at me/bark in a ferocious manner.  Fortunately none of these happened today but that was only because I only encountered one owner/dog, unlike the day before when I had 3 little set tos with mans best friend (shouldn't blame them, its the idiot owners)

On "Alans' Scrape" although a bit flooded and the reeds are reappearing various wild life is being seen.  The Grey Herons seem to have adopted it as a resting place, the odd deer wandering in, Mute Swans attempting to nest but the rise in the water level put an end to that, the Mallards tend to use it also.  Today though there were couple of new visitors although they didn't stop they did have a little look round.

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