Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Grasshoppers at Arcot

A Couple of hours at Arcot had my beloved livid but left me feeling great but tired.  The mud is coming along great but there is also plenty of water and when I got home finally she wouldn't let me in the house so had to change in the outhouse and degunge my wellies (then myself in a hot bath).   The problem is that I have arrived home like that for the past four days.  But got to say it is great fun.  Anyway lets get on to the birds, well one in particular which I watched yesterday for ages.  After getting a quick glimpse of the Lesser Whitethroat I headed down to see the Grasshopper Warblers.  Finding them is easy, seeing them is another thing but today I was lucky as there are 3 calling in a small area and I believe because they can hear each other they keep darting to the extent of their territory to let the others know they are there.  At least 2 kept doing this although the 3rd never moved from its spot.  Twice I could actually see 2 at the same time.  So here's a couple of pics, not as good as last year or the year before but as they say "You had to be there".

The first 2 are of the 1st bird that always stayed low but did move around a bit.

These 3 are of the 2nd Bird which was very mobile and preferred to sing at a higher level

Couldn't get any pics of the 3rd Bird as it only showed once.

Here is a few more pics from Arcot

Early starter - chicks look at least 2 weeks old

Reed Buntings always seem to enjoy tearing the flock off

Kestrel charging around as it was constantly being chased by a Crow

Landed so close couldn't get him all in 

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