Sunday, 3 June 2012

Beaten To A Blog By A Warbler

Sat down late last night to write up the blog for the day and saw that John A had beaten me to it.  Not a great lot more I can add apart from we spent an enjoyable 30mins watching Swallows and Martins on our departure from Beacon Hill.  The light was really bad but the birds were coming so close to us we just stood and watched for 15 mins but eventually the temptation was too much and out came the camera and summoning up all my photographic experience and calculating the settings with my computer brain (I switched it to sport setting) and pointed in the general direction and guess what...... absolute rubbish....but it was fun.  Only kept 1 pic just to show how bad it was (it looks much better in this size than it does on my 22in monitor)

As John said we started off at the Rising Sun and my best effort for the Woodpecker feeding its young was up to my usual standard and even with the introduction of flash it just managed to give the young Woodpecker a weird look (Red Eye tells me there is no Red Eye on this pic and it is right, cos its white, need an app to get rid of Bird White Eye)

Other pics I took during the morning included this amazing looking tree which was taken from quite a distance but am determined to get a bit closer on my next visit to see it a bit better

A distant picture of the Canada Geese and their young, through the rain, from a small hide where we sheltered for 10mins.

Our bird of the day didn't happen till our return to the home territory of Arcot Pond with a couple of sightings of a Whimbrel on the ground and in the air, once again I thought it was a Curlew initially as I farted around trying to get a picture as it flew but then the call made me realise it wasn't.  

Well its Shed Building Day today so might not even get out for my Sunday Walk round Big Waters,
so into the the destruction of the present 2 small sheds and tidying up in preparation for a friend who is
a fully Master Licensed Shed Builder (the aforementioned Sedgedunum Warbler) who is coming to Chez Hall to supervise/help this pm.  As one of my sons said "Good With Wood, not me", must be a Gene Thing.

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