Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Woody Woodpecker

Got up at 04.30 to watch the little black dot transversing the big yellow blob but for once in their life the BBC Weather was right and I didn't see it so to fill the time a small blog.  

Went out early yesterday morning to see the Greater Spotted Woodpecker again and caught it just right as it was feeding 1 or possibly 2 young as several photos I took seemed to show there was a slight difference in the head markings.   Anyway here is yet another movie of a GSW feeding amongst the many thousands out there on UTube but its my movie which I took great pleasure in making.  

ps.  Remember to watch on UTube HD

I also took a couple of pics again so without boring you to death I am only putting up three:

Then having filled my card up I changed cards and went to Big Waters where I took lots of pics and movies offering to send a couple to a friend (Sorry G) but when I got home and put the card in the reader it refused to work.  The moral of the story is don't leave a card in your bag for over year (even if it is in a protective case) and expect it to work like it says on the tin

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