Thursday, 21 June 2012

Common Terns/Carp

Beautiful weather yesterday (Wednesday) so managed to get away for a couple of hours to Big Waters yesterday.  The dipping pond was like Piccadilly Circus with all versions of Damselflies filling the place although they were slowly being decimated by young lad with big stick watched by Grandparents.  A 5min chat and the lad had stopped and was pointing out the different coloured ones to his now more enlightened grandparents and asking why 2 had joined together to make pretty shapes (left that to them to answer).  Well that was my good deed for the day done so off to the 1st hide where to my surprise there were at least 2 Common Tern chicks on show on the island.   Alan J arrived and told me that there were at least 2 in one family together but it looks like that had been reduced to one so it looks like that at least 3 had hatched though only 2 could be seen now but there was at least one more Tern still sitting on eggs.  Just hope the Otters keep away this year.

In the main hide at least 3 large Carp were visible in the shallows next to the scrape, managed to get a short video of a couple of them

A couple of Black Headed Gulls are attempting to build a nest on the blind side of the tree in the pond but looking at the size of some of the sticks/reeds they are taking it looks like the start of a Skyscraper

Noted in the hide book that the Blue Streak was seen twice yesterday
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