Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Usual wander round Big Waters on Sunday brought my first views of the the new family of Signets.  There seems to be at least 5 so far although there are still 2 eggs on the nest although it dosen't look like they are being brooded as the nest just seems to be a base of operations for them now.

Also during the week 4 Great Crested Grebes were seen, a 3rd Osprey of the year went over (dipped on all of them, so far) and the Tufted Duck count is now up to the staggering total of 5.

On Monday morning I went out early before work for my weekly check of the Kittiwakes and some of the "Young Uns" are coming on quite well although there is still quite a few still sitting on eggs.   A few photos taken in decentish light for a change follow:

A bit of Wing Flexing already taking place.  This individual continually flexed during my 45min stay

A couple of flight shots but the 2nd one was a bit of a mystery, the shot before and after it were quite decent but cant figure out why that one looks as if the bird is enveloped in mist, but I actually like the look of it.

Finally a couple of videos of the young Kittiwakes taken with my new Camcorder which my beloved gave me for our 30th Wedding Anniversary.  The first video is the one Carole likes the best (when I first showed it to her she went Aaaahhhhhhh) and I prefer the second one.

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