Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Damsel Rescue at Big Waters

Some Creepy Crawly (Damselflies) pics taken over the weekend at Big Waters

Now this poor chappie was in the pond completely waterlogged so Sedgedunum Warbler
in his other role as Lifeguard donned his red trunks, red hat and with his big pole!! managed
to get it to dry land and laid it on the rail.  Within an hour it had dried completely and then as
we left it decided to fly off also. 

Spotted this chap across the pool crawling up and down the inside of the reed.
A quick glance at him and I thought he was on his back but then realised the
three blue dots which to my mind looked like a face must be some sort of
predator protection function.  Was going to put it on ISpot but then thought
there must be some clever/knowledgeable/anoraks who read this blog who 
might just know. 

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