Thursday, 14 June 2012

Early Morning Stroll

The weather looks bloody awful for Friday and Saturday so to compensate I had a couple of early starts before work.  Up to the Derwent and as soon as I got out of the car a Mistle Thrush just sat and watched  as I unpacked my Tripod and bag, got my camera out, one pic and it was away.

Further up the path I set up next to the open area where the Grey Wagtails normally feed from the stones in the river but there has been a sharp rise in the water in the last few days so no stones are showing then to my suprise one came and perched only 3m from where I was standing.  A couple of shots then he gave me a long look and off he went.

Decided to head downstream for a change and I was so glad as I spotted 3 juvenile Grey Wagtails spread along the bank.  I'm not sure when they become self sufficient or even if they are feeding at all but the 2 adults never approached them and neither did the juveniles make any effort to feed at all.

A small video of a Grey Wagtail making itself pretty and another prancing around
Remember its best to watch it through the UTube button and put on full HD in a Large Window

A Blackcap family of 2 Adults and 2 Juveniles was tucked away but the male kept popping up all over the place although the others stayed right at the back of a tree.

I also came across at least 2 if not 3 Wren families in a 400m area with at least 2 Juveniles in each one although I did get a glimpse of 4 moving together but dont know whether it was the complete family or not.

10mins in the centre of Newcastle to have a look at the £100,000 worth of Olympic Rings which they finished at 4 in the morning on Tuesday but leaving the bridge footpath on the East side closed due to the workmen not removing the cones/fences which stopped me walking along to see how the nesting is coming along.  Dropped down to the quayside and was quite impressed with what had been done.

A couple of shots of  Kittiwakes a bit away from their nests (Don't we all like a bit of time to ourselves)

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