Sunday, 10 June 2012

Highly Attractive Des Res, Finished in Red

Whilst out with Graeme B on Friday during that little rain shower Graeme spotted a Blue Tit carrying food and dissapearing into an unusual place.  We watched 2 Tits go in and out of a small depression obviously feeding young but one of them hadn't quite got the knack of going straight in and out and had to land on a wire then drop down and crawl through.   In the 3rd picture you can see when the one that still hasn't mastered the getting in and out technique met the one that had which was flying straight in.  Its amazing where Blue Tits manage to breed but I suppose the one drawback is that if there is a baddie around who decides to visit the building attached to their Des Res then the poor little chicks would have more than a mild case of Tinitus

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