Friday, 8 June 2012

The Great Peanut Saga

Back to Big Waters the last couple of days, its like putting on your favourite slippers and sitting back, just love it.  Things are getting back to normal after a bit of a lull the last couple of weeks.  The old scrape is looking good after John D gave it a good strimming and Alan's Scrape had a bit of a haircut thanks to Graeme B and will be finished off by Alan's cubed today, weather permitting.  Notable sightings were my first Lesser Whitethroat there on Wednesday and one being caught in the ringing session yesterday.  The first Dragonfly was spotted yesterday about 300m away whilst watching a beautiful Roe Stag hiding in the bushes, couldn't attribute the species but was definitely a Dragon.  The 2 Great Crested Grebe have returned but seem to be just enjoying the pond without any other thoughts in mind.  Lots of people looking at big Gulls, checking 5th and 6ths, although I'm glad that I am in the "If it looks like a Gull, acts like a Gull and squawks like a Gull" then its a Lesser Black Backed Gull.  The great disappearing peanut saga was finally resolved (see pics below).  

Even without the wildlife it is great

A couple of Greylags dropped in early morning for a look around

If Big Waters was ever canned it would say 
"Where the Tree Sparrows are"

At Big Waters we use the old adage
"Work Hard"
Face surgically altered as no no written permission obtained and
photograpic royalties requested were outside of my earned income status

"Rest Easy"

48 Mallards on the scrape when I arrived but then more than half took of.
I wonder what spooked them (it wasn't me)

A couple of Great Crested Grebes but although they have been there a little
while now they look as though they are on a blind date (very little interaction)

The "Great Missing Peanut Saga" was finally resolved when Alan spotted "Roland The Rat"
doing his morning exercise regime then trying to imitate "The Great Blondin".

Now we wait the return of the plates
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