Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A Few More Things

Set of on a trip to Coquet Island, light was a bit dull but not too bad but halfway there the rain came.  Saw a few Roseate and Sandwich Terns, Puffins etc but didn't manage to get any decent shots due to weather and the swell but it was a great trip still.  Managed to snap this Fulmar drifting around looking like it didn't have a care in the world

In Northumberland this stunning Marsh Harrier stretches its wings.  It actually was in view for nearly 20 minutes

Stopped at Cresswell Ices for one of their £1:90 Vanilla Tubs then set of Northwards just wandering along and this delightful Kestrel was just posing there.  I stopped and sat down as I did not want to scare it off, ate my ice cream, took out my camera took a few snaps and then stood up to return to the car and off it went.

At Big Waters my first sighting this year of a Southern Hawker, unfortunately it had positioned itself in the middle of the water, although if the boardwalk wasn't flooded I would have been able to take super macro pics.  Just hope they are still around when I'm next up there.

Birds are quite clever and polite little things when you think about it, these Greenfinches have always just flew straight into the feeding cage in the past from all directions but when a certain person left the door open after putting seed in they all entered and exited by the door.

Finally, another first, well for quite a time anyway, a Tufted Duck and family at Big Waters

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