Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Bigger Waters Is Being Reduced to Big At Last

Sunday morning and off early to Big Waters.   The water has dropped a bit although it is not back to its normal levels yet but having just watched Countryfile's weekly weather forecast I doubt it will be for a few days yet.  Anyway the place has had a short back and sides thanks to Alan and friends yesterday.  You can actually see out of the first hide, a channel has been cut in front of the main hide, the old scrape has had a trim and the ducks are starting to gather there and even the Tree Sparows are out scratching around in the mud.  There are now several Kingfisher perches spread along on the old scrape.  Alan's new scrape had to be left for a while till an opportunity arises to get over there to sort a few things out.  Alan also managed to get the 1st Year Mute Swan out of the dipping pond where it had been since the influx of water last week.

The ponds main occupants are approx 50-60 Mallards at the moment although today there was a few other things around.  A couple of Pochard were around although they keep vanishing into the reeds, there are now 3 Great Crested Grebes (on the island sits a largish lone egg which I believe is one from their 3rd abortive attempt when the island was completely below the surface and the not too well anchored nest vanished), the 2 Grey Herons are hassling each other and both of them get hassled by the Gulls and the 4 remaining Common Terns..  The family groups are still around, Gadwall +4, Mute Swans +2, Canada Goose +5, the Tufted ducks family has now reduced to 3.  In the Feeding Station there seems to be a never ending  flood of Juvenile Blue Tits.   

The normal walk set off this morning but the wind had freshened quite a bit and the BBC forecast of 14mph seemed to be a bit on the low side.  Not a great lot was seen due to the conditions but its always a good time to catch up on gossip, latest birds seen, the ups and downs of life etc etc.  From the First Hide we could see the "Hybrid Gull" had returned.  The Canadas and their family decided to have a break and clambered onto the island for a bit of a R&R (Rest and Recuperation)

None of us had been to the Sunderland Air Show as here at Big Waters we have our own mini Air Show whenever the Sunderland one is on.

Weasel (I think) just hanging out around the boardwalk checking out the people walking by

The Tufted Duck Family rising from a slumber whilst a Pochard looks on

One of the 2 Willow Tits frequenting the Feeding Station

Blackbird trying to get a Sun Tan, was there for about 10 mins

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