Sunday, 8 July 2012

Lots of Patch Dips Last Week

A trip to the patch on Saturday just in time to for a short walk round with Alan who regaled me everything I had missed during the week after my dismal week off, these included 2 flocks of Crossbills, a Cuckoo and a Marsh Harrier to mention only a view (Proofreader Correction). I was also told by the Proof Reader that I had forgotten to mention the Willow Tit which I had missed also (He just loves to rub it in). Off we went and the first different thing I came across was a couple of Canada Geese with a small family of 6 which didn't look as though they were newly hatched so I wonder where they have been hiding.

Then at last only my second view of our Resident Swans and their Sygnets  which unfortunately are now down to Four from Seven and Alan says there were 5 yesterday (Proofreader Correction) Cygnets which are down to 4 from 5.

Staying on the subject of Swans this beauty was swimming round inside the Feeding Station which yesterday was back to normal albeit a little muddy but after the overnight rain it was back to at least a foot deep in water in most places and the island on the pond had vanished yet again

Walking around we did not come across anything unusual although Alan did point out a couple of things, like thats where the Black (Proofreader change) Redstart was last week while you were at work etc etc.  We did however come across something new, a Four Spotted Chaser.

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