Friday, 17 August 2012

Back On The Patch

Before I get there though I forgot to put up a short  video of Common Darters I quickly patched together on Monday.

The Big Waters Sunday walk started off at the usual time on Sunday and this time we tempted fate and went on the big walk but the threatening rain didn't arrove.  A couple of geese were spotted heading into the lake and not much else until we spotted 3 Redstarts, 2 of them males.  It was even quieter than usual on the walk round but as usual was interspersed with bike riders who haven't heard of bells and a certain bike rider who sends his dog running on about 20m ahead.  On Sunday his remarks as he went through were, "Sorry, cant get him to run with me", well if you can't control him don't bloody bring him out unless you have him on a lead.  Even though we ventured into a couple of spots where we don't normally go the perfect places for certain species were there but unfortunately the species weren't.  Onto the hides and the most unusual thing we saw was John B who had decided to get away from it all for a couple of hours, nice to see ya mate.  Alan J and Ian D headed off at their normal time but I stayed on for 30mins but nothing turned up apart from a couple of Willow Tits and a Willow Warbler in the Feeding Station.  On the way out though we did come across a Comma which if my memory serves me right is the first one I have seen this year though no doubt Alan J will probably correct me.  This one seems a bit well worn though.

Finally, getting onto one of Alan J's pet peeves, yes he has more than one, but litter is one of his main ones so if you know which kind person sat and ate 8 Crunchie Bars and left the wrappers in the 1st Hide then maybe you could have a word in his ear.  Now I like chocolate as most of you who know me can tell but to sit and eat these is beyond me.

Hand modelling by Alan J himself

Well heres hoping the birding picks up during the second half of the week like it did last week

Forgot to press the publish button and due to work and social commitments have just realised.  But before I do I just thought I would show you this impressive visitor that on Wednesday night just as the skies opened it flew in the study window and landed on top of my Nikon camera, I then reached for my other camera when it lifted again and landed on my hand.  I think it is a Copper Underwing

It then flew onto the blinds and stayed there for over an hour and left when the rain stopped

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