Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Saturday Afternoon

Saturday afternoon and carried onto Druridge after a swift lunch in Amble where the Black Headed Gulls and a few Starlings benefited from Johns over exuberance with his Tuna wraps before departing in the morning.  At Druridge it was a Butterfly and Common Darter Fest and unusually I was the one lagging behind when I started playing with the macro, whilst watching various Common Darters, on the Fuji which I hadn't really used a lot.   

There was quite a lot of Butterflies around and managed to get shots of several of them

Common Blue

A Couple of Green Veined White in a Romantic Mood

Large Skipper

Small Tortoiseshell and Green Veined White


I also managed to take quite a few pics of various things with lots of legs but the following I haven't been able to identify.  This insect did quite a few short hops but never let go of the piece of foliage it carried round.  It looks like a normal fly but don't understand the carrying round of the leaf without any sort of purpose.

Not sure which Damselfly this is despite looking at all UK species, could it possibly be a female

Another fly with a version of "The Toons" strip on

Super day out with John, thanks mate.
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