Monday, 15 October 2012

The Hero Dragged Himself From His Sick Bed and........

The "Man Flu" hasn't got me holding up daisies yet but for a few days and nights it certainly felt like it.  I have been going to work (first week in a new office) then coming home and dosing till time for bed, then waking up at between 1 and 3 and coughing and sneezing so much I couldn't get back to sleep.  I still feel bloody awful but last night (Saturday/Sunday) I actually slept for about 6hrs and felt a bit better.  Back to the Birding  of which I have done bugger all apart from a wander round Big Waters with Alan J, Ian D and Keith last Sunday morning then went home and thats when it all started.  Yesterday, Saturday I wandered down to St Marys at a very late hour for me, 07.45, and was straight into a Yellow Browed Warbler although thats all I saw and was feeling tired by 9 so headed up to Big Waters and placed my bum on a seat in the main hide and stayed there for a couple of hours, I then headed home and fell asleep.  Sunday at 8 I was off back to Whitley Bay to see if the bird that I dipped on (would have been a lifer for both) was still around but there was more birders than birds to see but I did manage to bump into John A, we chewed the fat, he left at 9 to give Margaret the car so she could get to work and I went home 15 mins later.  I have now summoned up enough strength to type a few words and chuck a couple of pictures onto the Blog.  Here's hoping that I will be in better fettle next week.

Arrived early at Big Waters last Sunday, the water had receded a fair bit from the flood the previous week

The walk up the Boardwalk early morning was a delight

A gorgeous Dunnock and a Female Blackbird only a few feet apart but the light is so different

A Pile of Shite
On the walk round Big Waters this Pile of Shite has appeared, the tree behind it has one of those 
geo caching hides which will now be even more awkward to find

This is a pic of us staring at the Pile of Shite which was one of the most interesting things we saw on the walk even though we had set our sights low as the target species of the day was Pied Wagtail which we dipped on

Then a gap till Saturday (Yesterday) when I was back at Big Waters where the water had risen a bit as you can see from this pic.

There were plenty of Greylags about and after several counts I got up to 106

The Wigeon Duck Display Team need a lot of practice to get up to Red Arrows standard

Finally a short video of a few things that were paddling round the pond

Thats it, although I fell asleep at the puter last night (its now 5.48 monday morning) so the wording above might be a bit off but with a hearty breakfast of Toast with Honey and a cup of LemSip the world is starting to look a bit better.
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