Tuesday, 9 October 2012

No Migrants But A Pleasant Day

Saturday John and I headed up to Holy Island again for the Autumn Migrants Walk arranged by the Natural History Society of Northumbria, unfortunately it was a week out for the migrants but these things can't be helped as you have to arrange them quite a time beforehand.  Ian Kerr led us round and although no real migrants were seen Holy Island is just a great place at any time.  Lots of waders, lots of ducks, a few divers, a Short Eared Owl and 2 Barn Owls and some pleasant company during the walk.  We also visited Fenham Flats prior to arriving at Holy Island where we had some great views of 5 Roe Deer then we also spotted these birds on the edge of the mud.

There were 15 of them and they had been placed there by the 2 chaps below, although when we arrived there was only 1 in view but after about 10mins in the hide the guy with the hat on stood up from amongst the foliage with his libido booster in his hands about 150m to the left of the hide.  We stayed for about 15 mins (talking loudly) whilst they talked outside hide, fortunately the Wigeon which they told us they were after kept way to the North.  

Bar Tailed Godwit, plenty of them around especially on the Sand Bars

Curlew were plentiful and seemed to be everywhere

The 2 Barn Owls that were being harassed by Kestrels

We bumped into this chap on several occasions, obviously new at the birding game as he was wearing new coat, new trousers, carrying a new bag and his walking stick was scratch free but being a newbie he had forgotten to put a rubber grommet on his "point".

We did see quite a few Red Admirals, including this one in the
centre of the village

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