Sunday, 11 November 2012

Beef-eater (Naaa, thats been done already)

Yesterday, Saturday, myself and John A headed off down to the Fulwell area via Blaydon (intentionally) and Chester-le-Street (unintentionally due to a Satnav malfunction again).  Where we and quite a few others looked amazingly at the Bee-eater once again.  As a result of this I will post a few more boring pics to ad to the thousands that were took yesterday and the 8 days previously by hundreds if not into the 4 figures of Birders that have wandered the streets down there.  These are quick crops with a touch of sharpening but nowt else done.  All of the pics were taken with Mr Nikon although the last 2 were done with Mrs Fuji.
For all those with a penchant for my videos, dont worry, I took many of them yesterday, and they will appear later on in the week, I bet you cant wait, especially you Alan!!!!!!

Take note on this one that I focussssssed on the Wasp so the birds is JUST slightly out of focus

Heading back to its lair with its capture to bash its brains out although I dont know it manages to find it as the canny folk of Fulwell seem to have all picked the same Bee-eater attracting equipment to stick on their chimneys having heard a while ago that one might pop over for an Autumn visit.

Now a couple from Mrs Fuji and I am amazed that the person whose shoulder I took this over had a 2 and a 1.4 converter on a 500mm (I wonder which 3 feathers he managed to get a shot of).

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