Thursday, 8 November 2012

Sundays Patch Walk & Pictures of Aerials in Seaburn

Sunday I went for the normal walk round Big Waters with the same old motley crew.    Just before the other 4 arrived 6 Goldeneye flew in but only 2 were still here when the others managed to drag themselves from their beds (remember, the early birder catches the birds).  Then quite a few Snipe showed themselves with at least 30 in 2 groups going for a couple of laps of the pond before settling.

The pond was full of birds with large counts, especially Gadwall (31) and Wigeon (263).

Walking round we had some nice views of Redpoll which were happily snapped but then when I saw Allan Fs pics I decided I wouldn't bother to put mine up.   Several Grey Herons were also seen, a couple of Brambling vanishing out of the Feeding Station, Greylags on the North Fields and 3 Roe Deer also.

I then headed down to Seaburn hoping to see the Bee-eater which we had missed yesterday.  I was in luck and spent a good 90mins watching it.

Bit off focus but couldn't quite get it in focus before the Wasp vanished down its throat

Finally the inevitable video (so that Alan can tell me he hasn't watched one yet except for 
the cat and fox) of the Bee-eater returning to the aerial with several Wasps to the on 
and off soundtrack supplied by Myself, Maria and Maria's Nikonnnnnnnnnnnn 

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