Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Last Post for 2012

Managed a short visit to Big Waters yesterday and to St Marys today.  Nothing unusual but just 2 of my favorite places to pass the time of day away.  Did a bit of videoing and the following are a compilation from each.  The main bird at Big Waters, once again, was the Willow Tit and at Whitley Bay the Sanderlings were once again the most populous.

Big Waters

St Marys

Well thats the year ended with my 2nd Year of keeping count and ending with the patch (Big Waters) increasing by 5 from last years total to 117,  Northumberland ticks were down by 8 to 189 and UK count down by 23.  Even though the figures were down overall I got more pleasure in increasing my patch count.  12 lifers this year also brought my overall total to 270.

Finally a couple of my favorite pics of the year

Taken at Big Waters early in the year when I took Carole up to see the 
Short Eared Owls and we had some amazing view of 2 of them

This female Blackbird built a nest in the hedge in my garden and
I watched it for a few weeks then it started sitting but vanished
after a couple of weeks leaving 2 eggs in the nest.

My Garden list stands at 40 this year which isn't bad but would have been
41 if Carole had managed to keep the Waxwings there that dropped in for
a feed on 12 Feb for more than an hour then phoned me after they left.  She 
also produced over a 100 photographs of them when I got home.

Well thats it for 2012, I wonder what 2013 will bring ?????
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