Friday, 4 January 2013

Sorry, Only Got 4 and a Half Minutes

New Years Day and a visit to Big Waters where I got off to a decent start with some quite nice sightings.  Check the Sightings Book in the hide where all sightings are written down by the visitors to enable anyone visiting to see what is happening on the reserve (Noted there was no visitors to the reserve for quite a few days over the holiday period as nothing had been written in the book!!).  Thanks to the people who do write something in.  

I then headed off to Leazes Park, to see the Slavonian Grebe, which is a place where I do drop in a lot but normally during the spring and summer when there is light and free parking before 8am but even when you are willing to pay after 8am finding a space is like trying to find a bloody Hen Harrier in Tyne and Wear.  Managed to keep standing up in the bloody awful wind and get a couple of record shots.

All done in 4 and halfish minutes
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