Thursday, 17 January 2013

New List - On Backside From The Office

My new miniature Feeding Station at work (Newcastle College) is now operational.  I finally sorted it out over the last couple of days.  Its just a peanut and seed feeder, a couple of fat balls and a cat bird watering dish.  Yesterday I only saw a Dunnock and a Bluetit with lots of Gulls and Magpies flitting around.  This morning though about 11 as I was discussing the merits of setting a spreadsheet up so you could just put in a DOB and find out how old the student is when a movement out of the corner of my eye made me stop the conversation.  The tree with the feeders on is only 10ft from the window (which I dont think has ever been washed on the outside) but I recognised a Goldcrest straight away then lo and behold another 2 hove into view.  They just pecked away at the branches with the feeders on but obviously not sampling their delights.  I scrambled for my camera and eventually focussing through the dirt I managed 2 shots.  I was over the moon, even though I have seen plenty obviously, I never expected to see one let alone 3 in 
The Toon.

Later in the afternoon some nice kind students decided to lob a huge hot dog bun onto the grass and within seconds a bunch of Gulls were tossing it around and one eventually swallowed it whole then stood for over a minute in this position gulping every few seconds

Meanwhile back in the Garden, Carole reports 5 (3 Male and 2 Female) Blackbirds, a couple of Coal Tits and the normal crowd with the exception of Collared Doves, not one seen for a few days.  Also not a Siskin in sight
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