Sunday, 27 January 2013

Saturday headed up to Big Waters.  I was slightly later than usual due to a bit of beer watching on the previous evening.  There was no problem getting to the car park but once there I couldn't get out but 2 kind visitors from Surrey gave me a bit of a push and I took the car back onto the main road, met them later and took them into the hide, really nice couple, became even nicer when I found out the husband was a Squaddie.  The birds on the pond were restricted to the 15% in the North West part of the lake that was not frozen with quite a few venturing onto the ice.  

Another shot with a deer bounding through the snow 

The Feeding Station was alive with small birds feeding and even more popped in when Alan J arrived and replenished the feeders and tables.   At least 5 Robins seemed to feed close without any animosity.  Up to 5 Reed Buntings, uncountable numbers of Blue and Great Tits with the Tree Sparrows all coming in together then vanishing  for a while then returning.  A few Yellowhammers put in an appearance and the 2 Willow Tits were once again in and out in a flash on numerous occasions.

The best bird of the day was without doubt the Peregrine which zoomed in at the Ducks and we got some great views, unfortunately my camera was still in the bag.  4 People in the hide saw a Brambling but it was gone by the time I got round there.  A good day which ended badly when I reached the car (which if you have read any of this drivel further up the page, I parked on the main road) I realised I had left my bag in the hide and had to walk all the way back.

On Saturday I woke early at 4 and was all sorted and ready by 6 so what the hell, off I went to Holy Island.  
The Cattle Egret was eventually spotted in the Garden of the White House just off the Crooked Lonnen but only bits at a time as every time it moved you saw a bit more but a bit vanished.  Eventually it took to the air but flew further away although was viewable fully in the scope.  A Long-eared Owl also took to the sky at the same time and that also dropped onto a fence and was viewable through a scope also.  Now I did manage a few snatches of some of the worst video I have ever taken (I feel like I have typed that sentence before) but at least its a record.  You must watch it all the way through (45 secs) cos I put on another bird that I videoed from the Causeway, a Long-tailed Duck which when I pulled up to see if anything was there a lady kindly pointed out that there was an Eider with its baby swimming around.  She was so nice that I thanked her profusely and then she left.  I have been known on many the odd occasion to misidentify birds but what the hell she looked so happy to see them I just couldn't say anything (now let me think, who do I know who would have put her straight immediately......nobody, cos there all such nice people)  Anyway Warner Brother Pathe Hall Productions


The Black and White Show

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