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Med Gull Migration - The Real Reason

No doubt you have had enough of Med Gull sightings by now after 2 postings by Sedgiedunemin Warbler and you have read Steve H's interesting thesis on the subject so here now is the real reason why Med Gulls on migration return every year to Northumberland and in particular why to Amble.

The answer is simple, in Szeged Hungary where YJU7 (and probably many other Med Gulls) have been reported several times, the lack of  Fish and Chip shops stands out as one of the main factors pointing to the decline of the Med Gull abroad viz a viz the increase of Med Gulls on our coastline. The food sources are scarcer in the east and as reported on Trip Advisor , the best place to eat there is the 

John Bull Pub  

Oroszlan u. 6SzegedHungary
Ranked #1 of 32 restaurants in Szeged
4.5 of 5 stars15 Reviews
Cuisines: International
Most recent review
- 18 Feb 2013
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Whereas in Amble there are several Fish and Chip Shops, some of them are very close to the harbour therefore the chips and batter are still warm for the Gulls delicate pallet and refined taste buds.  Being a keen conservationist and willing to assist in the distribution of food to feed the gulls, the best place I have found to feed said Gulls is the Car Park to the South of the estuary this then stops them hanging around street corners and in dark ginnels awaiting the chance to mug the unsuspecting chip eating homo sapien as they pass by.

Quayside Chippie Fishmarket, Amble, Northumberland
This Fish and Chip restaurant is right on the entrance to the harbour. Lets be perfectly honest about this place though, it's not a restaurant in the traditional sense of the word. A more suited description would be a self service Cafe, you collect your food, either man or bird sized portions from the counter and pay for it before you take it out to feed the Gulls and if you mention to the staff that you are assisting conservation and helping the feeding programme then they no doubt will drop a few extra morsels in. What you do get however, is some of the best, freshest and tastiest fish and chips you'll ever experience and you get to sit down in your car (whilst keeping an eye out for the Traffic Warden) while you eat and share them with various Gulls. What more could you need. The drinks menu is also comprehensive with a good choice of cocktails (Lime and Lemon, Dandelion and Burdock etc) and if your really posh you could drop in to McDonalds grab a Latte and drink it quickly leaving a bit in the bottom so that Gulls can put their heads in finish the coffee then fly off complete with a new hat.

The above  is the handiest for parking and then scooting off to the car park to sit and gorge.

So if a bird from Hungary comes all the way here to sample Northumberland Fish and Chips then we should do our utmost to help them as the government will not give them any social benefits till they pass the British Immigration Reading & Development Test

Remember also that vital statistics have been discovered that  plays an important role in Med Gull genetics. There is proof that eating fish and chips and the numbers of eggs that is laid is an inherited trait. Most important fact is that if your parent didn't lay any eggs, odds are you won't either.  

Hope John hurries up with the Chips

ps.  now I know you are all going to get upset about the grammar, layout, lies, statistics (I think the last 2 are the same, just spelt different) and wrong assumptions, but being a 62 year old Wrinklie with Onset Forgetfullness I will have forgotten about this by the morning so don't bother.


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