Thursday, 21 February 2013

Pictures From The Last Few Days

A few pictures from the last few days
(An alternative look at Birding)

Don't you just hate going round in big gangs

"Ahh, thats better just the two of us now"
(thanks for the crop John)

"I told you I was putting on weight, this branch is bent more than yesterday"

"Yes, we will take No 32 but only need it for a short let over Spring and early Summer"

"Do my wings look good in this pose ?"

"I can't fly properly with a blurred wing, I wish the Photographers would take more care"

"John, why do them birds have different leg rings on, cos all the ear rings you buy me are the same?" "Carole, they are to help the people feeding them chips know which language to tell them you have the chips, Red and White means Hungarian so you have to shout "Gyere ├ęs vedd meg zseton ide"  

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