Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Oot and Aboot

Haven't had time to do my usual diatribe so here
is a few pretty pictures from the last few days
in no particular order

A first for me at Big Waters - 4 Grey Herons in view at the same time

Plenty of stuff on the pond at Big Waters but the only bird missing was the White-fronted Goose which we saw in the North field when doing our Sunday walk.  Graeme B was in the hide when we arrived and had seen it from the top hide but when he moved for a better look it had taken off and headed elsewhere.  Anyway a good tick for the patch

The Mandarin at Wallsend Burn taken with a dinky little camera
(which allows the bird to come right up to me and can still focus)

My first Bramblings of the year in Northumberland

Siskin and Greenfinch sharing a feeder

Bullfinch were constantly ground feeding

Finally for those of you who actually read this Blog instead of just looking at the pretty pictures you might remember me talking about "cold hands".  Well at last I have obtained permission to publish the following picture

"The Blue Hand of Death"

This is what it looks like after it has been in a glove for at least 15mins so imagine how cold it is when he only wears one of his many 1 handed sets of gloves (he tells us he always buys them in pairs but keeps losing the right one but we think it walks away, would you want to be touching that hand) although he does wear 2 lefties on lots of occasions.  As he sometimes touches our bare skin (ooohhaaaa) we have all clubbed together and rescued a pair of heavy duty ones from a charity shop bag and presented them to him in a small ceremony in the Car Park on Sunday.
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