Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Back to Big Waters.

Sunday morning and off round Big Waters with Alan J and Ian D.  The very strong wind kept most of the birds hidden away at home (where we should have been).  We did catch views of a Deer and a Fox on our wander round though.

The pond was quite full again although a lot of the duck were hidden in the Reeds, that is until a couple of Otters decided to put in an appearance and Alan managed to get counts of 61 Teal, 89 Mallard and 390 Wigeon.  Other vistors included 11 Cormorant, a few Goldeneye, a couple of Gadwall and a Kingfisher.

The Feeding Station was quite busy with the normal visitors and also a small flock of Long-tailed Tits stayed for a short while instead of a quick visit of 30 seconds then on their way.  They did a lot of feeding on the peanuts with up to a dozen for a period of  nearly 10mins

Back to work on Monday with the wind even worse on the Campus and only an assortment of Gulls, Wood Pigeons, Blackbirds, a couple of Robins and Magpies making an appearance in front of my window which has a very limited view but then on Tuesday this gorgeous beauty sat outside on the tree off and on for nearly an hour although no song or even a call was heard.

Most of the office had a slow walk over and peeked out the window to look.  Since I started putting the feeders out birds are mentioned much more frequently and I get shown little bits in the papers about bird related stories and one of the girls who runs around the Rising Sun with her dog for exercise tells me about the "Twitchers" who look at her while she is passing (wonder if she means you John or possibly Joe or Simon  LOL)

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