Friday, 8 February 2013

15 Mins on the Tyne

Quick wander on the Tyne between the Copthorne and the Business Park after work late afternoon on Thursday was quite pleasant for a change, dry and the wind had dropped considerably.  The mud was chokker (just saw a snippet on the news saying that we should not use local dialect in text as it stops the offspring (North East Folk) laarning how to tak propurly) with various sorts of Gulls most of the way down to the Business Park then they just fizzled out.

There was several Curlews and Redshanks,both feeding continuously with the odd Cormorant just hanging out with the lads but not seeming to do much.

There was also c40 Teal about  in small pockets of 5/6 feeding for a few minutes then off to another spot 10m further up river (they all seemed to head that way)

Finally, just to pad the blog out and its hard to write a lot about 15mins birding, at work today I sliced up an apple and a bit of melon, mixed them with a very small handful of peanuts and put them outside my window at work hoping to attract thrushes.  The Gulls (30ish) came first then left, but one stayed and stood there for about 15mins.  I call the following picture:


I could see it thinking shall I move and let that funny looking guy
looking out of the window, with his camera, try to get a shot of
some other birds or shall I just stand here and P**s him and the 
other birds off.  Sure enough it did and nothing came, even the 
Magpies, Woodies, Blackbirds and Robin didn't make an appearance.

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