Sunday, 14 April 2013

Saturday Mornings Visit to Big Waters

On Saturday morning before heading off to see the Little Bunting I did a quick trip to Big Waters where I got slightly distracted watching a Common Snipe on the Scrape.  There was also 2 others on the new Scrape on the North side of the pond but they just stayed in the same place occasionally feeding but not moving into the open at all.  The one on the new Scrape was having a good old wander about, feeding, just looking around, preening and washing.  I did a couple of videos of it which I have compiled into the one below.

Whilst there I also watched a Long-tailed Tit coming to the same branch at least 5 times, each time carrying a similar feather to the one in the photograph below.

And to finish off a nice picture of Big Waters Tree in the early morning light

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