Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Saturday Over The Water

Saturday and off to Gateshead again but this time accompanied by The Big Man, first stop was Shibdon where there were quite a few Shelduck and lots of Gulls and Mallards.  

Then we headed up to the Derwent where 2hrs of watching Dippers and Grey Wagtails
was unbelievably enjoyable.

We bumped into Steve F who was being taken for a walk by his four legged friend and a bit of a chat was had.  We then moved visiting a few more places in the vicinity.

Dunnock at Far Pastures

Yellowhammer waiting for a Grey Squirrel to finish eating the seed in the 
"Squirrel Proof Cage"

...and here we have yet another "Squirrel Proof Cage" with a Nuthatch waiting for yet
another Grey Squirrel to get its fill.  The good news is that it looks like someone is
actually regularly putting out food again.  I tip my hat to them (have to admit I
forgot to take some with me today)

We then headed up to a Red Kite Viewing Point, had a cup of coffee and just watched.
OUTSTANDING - you just can't get tired of watching them, pity my pics don't do
them justice.

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