Friday, 5 April 2013

The Last Few Days

Sunday and was up early and away to Big Waters attempting to pick up a couple more patch ticks.  Managed a Pied Wagtail (at last), a Chiff Chaff and a Kittiwake.  Once again it was bloody freezing but at least its warming up a bit now.  Too depressed to type anymore as am watching Newcastle go from 1 up to 3 - 1 down, so here is a couple of pics.

Kittiwake (Ahh look at the dinky little legs)

Cormorants having a snooze as they had nowhere to fish

This one was taken on Monday after the ice had melted

Gadwall over North Tyneside

Through the office window at work

Another shot from the window

Out for an hour after work on Wednesday
(much easier taking a pic of the book than listing stuff)

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