Sunday, 26 May 2013

And This Was Before We Reached Our Destination......

Out yesterday with John A and headed North, this was our first bird of the day (that we stopped to look at) before we arrived at our destination and the first 2 photographs even, I know I have better ones than this but haven't got time to look as whilst the weather is good the blogging must wait.

This one was taken from the car

Here is the 2nd Bird we saw, it was upstream about 50m away but when we walked onto the bridge it actually came closer and landed in a tree.  Once again the settings were not quite right as when it flew down we expected it to land on the bank or on the rocks in the river, Birds they just never do what you want them to do

Then when we got to our destination the day got even better.

Unfortunately, or possible fortunately for some of you, I have to go birding now, so no more typing time, isn't life awful.  
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