Friday, 24 May 2013

Story at Sedgedunum Warbler's Blog

Too knackered on Wednesday evening to write a blog, Thursday day too busy birding, Thursday evening too busy resting cos I was even more knackered, this morning only had time for this quick note before I heave on my waterproofs and head off into darkest Tyneside/Northumberland.  Too save me time on gathering my thoughts and typing I can refer you to what happened on Wednesday by looking at my 
Birding Buddies Blog (and an excellent post it is) although I have added 5 random pictures which for some reason he didn't

Not A Promising Start Looking at the Sky

Even in the mud and dirt these are great looking birds
(Pity I was sort of focussing on the wrong one 
but my camera does that for some strange reason)

Did I hear you say they weren't many around ?

One of the 4 or 5 we saw (this one was ringed)


Time to go Birding, cant believe its 6.45 and I haven't left the house yet

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