Friday, 10 May 2013

Dippers On The Derwent

Didn't get out much during the week apart from a trip to Big Waters on Tuesday night, nothing new to report but an unusual sight, for me that is, of a Curlew dropping in on the scrape for a quick wash and brush up, the first I ever remember seeing on the scrape although not common at Big Waters you normally tend to hear them before you see them but never heard a thing.  There was also a Common Sandpiper on the new scrape.  Lots of mossies around and one of my wrists was bitten to hell so onto the net and a quick one click buy from Avon was necessary.

On Thursday morning I managed an hour on the Derwent Walk, an amazing start to the day.  I didn't get a lot of walking in though as I was sidetracked watching Dippers.  The are a most captivating bird and seem to be, next to Kittiwakes, the bird that draws me away from things I intend to do so sorry for more pics and videos of them.  There are 2 different ones in the pics and video.

You go and fetch the food luv, I've finished the 
bottle and don't think I can swim

Its a long way down from here

Now I can see you
 Now I Can't

and finally the inevitable video of Dippers

Sorry I couldn't leave an icon to click on but Google/Blogger/Youtube has outfoxed me
(once again)  but it works perfect
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