Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Wheatears - they are just like Buses

Yes, they are like buses, you wait nearly a year for one then 27 come at once.   Wheatears galore concentrated in a couple of fields and when we went back Monday they were still there, although a bit more widely spread, tonight though I could only find a few so no doubt they will probably be dispersed further afield tomorrow.  Also in the same field was a couple of late staying Fieldfare.  
A few pics of the Wheatears in various poses.

Big Waters was full of song with Sedge Warblers scratchy lyrics seeming to come from every patch of reeds with some of them visible also.  Several Blackcaps were also very audible and also posed for several photographs.  Quote of the day was "After hearing 7 Blackcaps singing I couldn't be bothered to keep count" Lucky Bugger

There are also 4 or 5 Common Terns which seem to be in no hurry to move on even though they are being continually harassed by Black-headed Gulls but I suppose its just part of a normal day for Terns all over.

Also a record, for me, of 9 Oystercatchers, the most I hve seen is 3.    I know this picture only shows 7 but the one with 9 in is even more boring than this one.

Over the weekend I also managed to see several butterflies including Peacock, Large White, Orange Tip and a Speckled Wood at Howdon Wetlands

Peacock at Big Waters

Finally when I arrived home after a hard weekends birding and I collapsed into the garden chair, personally I don't know how AJJ manages to bird 7 days a week, my beloved Carole fetched me a freezing cold glass of lemonade, asked did I want something cooked and if I smoked she would have fetched my pipe as well, isn't life grand.  I sat there for a few minutes whilst Carole topped the water dishes up for the birds and as soon as she sat down the first Spuggie arrived for their daily drink and bath.   Birding again, can my poor body stand the pace???????

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pps.  for Gordon 

8 for the middle of the road guys

9 for those who live on the wild side 

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