Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Rest of the Week

A few more pictures from my few days off Work although the last day at work was actually my final day in the office before we move to our new offices, were there is no view out of the window apart from a brick wall and no sky to look at either.  The final picture I took was this. 

 I really enjoyed my last few months there although I hopefully will be able to get out at lunchtimes as there is a bit of greenery only a few yards away which is not viewable from any window.  After work I headed for Big Waters, as it was such a nice night, for an hour and caught glimpse of the first 2 Cygnets next to the hide.

I made several visits to Big Waters during the last few days 
and did manage to increase my year list.  

Lapwing acting as a decoy

A bit of sun and the Butterflies start appearing

Sedge Warblers came out with the Sun and also after hearing a Reed Warbler several times I managed to get a glimpse of one, unfortunately no picture

Then another year tick as we spotted a flyover by a Ringed Plover then seeing it land and finding another.  Yes, there is 2 in the photo

I saw several rainbows last Thursday and Friday after some bloody awful weather which included Hail, Sleet, Rain and in some places a bit of snow.  The hail was particularly bad with Alan J and myself having to shelter several times.  This pic was taken at 9.23 on Thursday.

At last the first batch of Cygnets was brought into the open after a couple of glances 
of them on the nest.  The parents took them for a spin round their territory and fortunately no agressiveness from the other Swans was evident although there are still 2 more sitting on eggs.

On Sunday a Goosander dropped in at about 6.45, landed at the public end, swam up the lake to the scrape then promptly went to sleep for over 3hrs.  Whilst not a year tick, Alan J checked the records and it is only the 4th one ever in May and the last one was in 2000.

There is also about 7-9 Cormorants around most of the time which is about double what is normally there at this time of year and unfortunately they are "hogging" the island which seems to upset the Terns.

The Common Terns are an absolute pleasure to watch especially when they are fishing.


Only seeing 1 Little Grebe most of the time builds up ones hopes of the other sitting
on a nest somewhere in the reeds

Finally, thats enough about Big Waters, I hear you say, so here is a couple of pictures,
 of another place I really like also

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